Mission & Quality:

Our mission is to provide high quality services and products and to enhance the standards of the industry we operate in while providing a reasonable profit to our shareholders and stakeholders .We are committed to continuous improvement while trying to recognize and foresee the requirements of our clienteles. We make every effort to develop solutions to solve customer's problems and to sustain the integrity of their processes. We are dedicated to create an exciting. demanding and satisfying team-based environment. We would try to utilize the company's profit to invest in our systems and communications. to make our people able to develop their proficiencies and accomplish their objectives.

Quality Policy Statement

  1. The observation of international and local standards and meeting the asserted expectations of the customers.
  2. Increasing the customer satisfaction level and their trust in the company's performance.
  3. The development of customer service.
  4. Reduction of the expenditures and cost through optimal planning.
  5. Upgrade of the skill and knowledge of the staff through continuous and effective training.
To reach the stated goals. the management of the company makes efforts to establish. execute and maintain this system to the optimal performance level and therefore. expects all the sections of the company to maintain and even increase the spirit of cooperation and collaboration and make efforts to understand and achieve the intended goals and standards and to draw on their experience and training to maintain quality and best execute their duty and responsibilities.